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Volunteer of Excellence awards given at MMR Core Camp

Volunteer of excellence awards 2016

Submitted by Penny Roberts

Estes Park

Northern & Northeastern Colorado

Three young women were presented with the “Volunteer of Excellence” award at this summer’s Core Camp at Meadow Mountain Ranch.  This newly-instituted national-level award is given for outstanding service while working directly with girls.

Jennifer Hayes (“Wally), Jenny Schmitz (“Coon”), and Wendy Roberts (“Zoot”) were surprised with a plaque and pin by Savanna Inman and Peyton Buhler who, with other Ft. Collins girls in Susan Baker’s troop, wanted to recognize these “awesome Girl Scout volunteers.”

Jennifer Hayes was recognized “for being an awesome Camp Director, and for bringing so many girls to Meadow Mountain Ranch. We love your enthusiasm and patience, and thank you for teaching us new skills.”

Jenny Schmitz was recognized “for organizing all of the schedules and activities, and for teaching us so many new crafts.  We love your dedication to the mission, and thank you for helping us have so much fun at camp.”

Wendy Roberts was also recognized for “being an awesome Camp Director, and for giving new life to Meadow Mountain Ranch.  We love your energy and knowledge, and thank you for helping us grow in Girl Scouts.”

These quotes were from the Court of Awards ceremony which highlighted letters of endorsement from individuals and several nominations.  The Girl Scouts of Colorado Recognition Committee and the Board of Directors approved these awards.

It is fitting and proper that these young adults be honored, recognized and encouraged in their life-long continuing efforts to portray the best character traits that make Girl Scouting the special and wonderful organization for girls and women possible.  It’s also testimony to the fact that after you are 18 years of age, continued hard work and dedication can pay off as an adult Girl Scout, by encouraging younger girls to continue with the mission.



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