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Uniform to Uniform: Firefighters visit Troop 62816

Submitted by Heidi Kane

Metro Denver

Federal Heights

Local firefighters visited Troop 62816 at our King Soopers cookie booth in Federal Heights. While we sold cookies, there was a woman who showed up at the booth. The florescent stripes on her outfit hinted at the fact that she was a firefighter. As she slowed down while walking past the booth, we asked if she would take a picture with us. She agreed. Then, another firefighter showed up and bought a package of Samoas. After they left, everyone at the booth agreed that it was so empowering to be able to take a picture with a strong and heroic woman!

Invite uniformed personnel, such as law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs, etc., to visit you at your cookie booth as part of Uniform to Uniform! Learn all about this new patch program on the GSCO Blog:



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