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Troop 52627 helps local food bank


Submitted by Kara Posso


Denver Metro

The girls in Cadette Troop 52627 held a food drive last weekend (6/13) for our local Broomfield food bank (FISH). They stood outside King Soopers (with manager approval of course!) for three hours, asking if people would like to donate to the local food bank. They had fliers with 5-6 different items on them to pass out to interested customers. Customers, who didn’t want to purchase food, were welcome to donate money. The money collected was used to purchase fresh meat and eggs for the food bank. After three hours, the girls collected 384 pounds of non-perishable food and $237 to spend on meat and eggs. With an additional $50 from our troop, the girls purchased 134 pounds of fresh meat and eggs from King Soopers. The girls delivered the food (518 pounds total!) and were given a tour of the facility. During the tour, the girls discussed other ways they could help the food bank; such as volunteering their time to help sort food or adopting a shelf with a promise to keep it as full as they can.

My co-leader and I feel very blessed to be able to spend time with these generous girls, who are certainly showing Girl Scout Spirit!

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