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Troop 45261: Bronze Ticket Winner

Submitted by Shela Odette

Pikes Peak


TCM/troop leader and mom, Sheila, was picking up Thin Mints for our last cookie booth at Walmart and I was unloading the cases from the car, when I  saw a little piece of paper in one of the cases. I couldn’t wait and opened the case right then, and there it was- a bronze ticket!  Tagalongs are my favorite cookie, but I might change to Thin Mints now.

Troop Goal: 1,800 packages

Hometown Hero: Wild Blue Cats (animal rescue) volunteers

Girl Scout troops statewide have found golden, silver, and bronze tickets in cases of cookies that they picked up at area cupboards since the beginning of March! More tickets are out there. Check your cases of cookies if you pick up an extra case or two this weekend for last minute orders or when you pick up your Hometown Hero cookies. Learn more here.



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