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The idea that became reality – an anti-bullying sleepover

Submitted by Mika Zaharescu Denver Metro

Our troop decided to teach girls about something that needed to be stopped: bullying. We decided what we had to do was host a Girl Scout anti-bullying sleepover. The idea inched towards reality as suggestions were flung around. Before we knew it the idea had a name (Stand Strong Scouts), a location, and content (the games). The day was set and we prepared. Finally the sleepover arrived and none of us could believe it! We all thought the same thingsŠ’Will this work?’ or ‘Will something go wrong?’. Nothing went wrong! The sleepover went as planned, with little bumps of course. All of our hard work paid off seeing kids learning about how to stop bullying. With our project finally over, our plate is clean to start something new.

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