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Take Girl Scouts’ #gsoutdoors Challenge! Week 3: Embrace adventure

From Girl Scouts of the USA

In celebration of National Great Outdoors Month, Girl Scouts is excited to host four weeks of exciting outdoor challenges in June. Follow along, have fun, then make sure to share your photos on Instagram using the hashtag #gsoutdoors for a chance to win an awesome prize from the North Face!

You know what makes almost any activity more fun? Taking it outside! Enjoying the great outdoors can be done in so many ways—there’s no right or wrong as long as you’re enjoying yourself and respecting your neighbors. The point is to get outside, breathe that fresh air, and have fun with friends and family. To participate in this week’s challenge, pick one of the activities below!

June 16-22:

Take a chance. Pull out that summer bucket list and start crossing outdoor adventures off it! Plan a camping trip, hike that tough trail you’ve doubted you could conquer, visit the national park you’ve been dreaming of… There’s no better time than the present! 

Make a splash. Curious about kayaking, whitewater rafting, or surfing? Sign up for a lesson and see how far the current carries you! 

Learn a survival skill. Girl Scouts are always prepared! So why not learn a new skill that could benefit you for a lifetime? Learn how to start a campfire in a pinch, take a first-aid class, or connect with community experts to improve your outdoor skills so you’re ready for the unexpected. 

Don’t forget to share pics of your adventure on Instagram with the hashtag #gsoutdoorsYou could win BIG! 

For more great times, check out all the Outdoor badges you can earn as a Girl Scout! 


To power the next generation of women who push boundaries and move mountains, The North Face has recently teamed up with Girl Scouts of the USA to inspire girls to challenge themselves, learn about the natural world, and continue the Girl Scout tradition of having life-changing outdoor experiences. 

Through our multiyear collaboration, The North Face will support the development of 12 new Outdoor Adventure badges, with programming ranging from mountaineering and climbing to backpacking, hiking, and trail running. These 12 new Girl Scout badges, which will roll out over the next two years, will teach girls in virtually every U.S. zip code about the benefits of outdoor exploration. Learn more about this exciting collaboration.

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