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Super-selling troop Has Super Cookie Dad

Submitted by Brynn Butler


Denver Metro

My dad, Tim Butler, is a great cookie dad because he is a hard worker and he always has a great attitude. Troop 51207 has sold almost 45,000 boxes of cookies over 8 years and we couldn’t have done that without him. His work ethic and outlook on life are great qualities to have in a cookie dad because he can always be there for the troop and me.

My dad is one of the hardest workers that I have ever known. He gives all that he has to everything that he does, including cookies. He does almost anything for the troop, including bringing cookies in a U-Haul to our house and loading them into the dining room. Additionally, he helps my mom count the money every night after we have a booth. He’s also set up and taken down countless booths that he didn’t work at.

When he’s working a booth, he always lightens the mood by telling jokes to make people laugh. He loves to talk to everyone, including the customers. He helps to make people not feel as cold by joking about how cold he is and making everyone laugh. Overall, my dad is always there to help the troop feel better when we need to, which is important with teenage girls.

The Girl Scout community needs dads like mine to help the older and younger Girl Scouts become women of courage, confidence and character that make the world a better place, and I am very lucky to have him.

If you know an awesome Cookie Dad, use this link to tell us about him:



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