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Secrets to Success: Conversation Station Leader Ann-Marie Manning, LCSW, LAC

All girls in grades 6-12 are invited to connect with professional women in a variety of career paths at Girl Scouts of Colorado’s second annual Secrets to Success event in Colorado Springs on Saturday, November 9, 2019. Girls will personally engage with more than 20 women leaders in the fields of technology, construction, healthcare, finance, nonprofit administration, entrepreneurship, and more, learning from role models who will help them become our future business and community leaders. This event joins today’s leaders with the next generation, to share their expertise and provide inspiration for success. Register online now:

In preparation for this exciting event, we are thrilled to announce some of the amazing women whom girls will be engaging with. Check out this blog post and others to learn about the women participating this year.

Ann-Marie Manning is Pikes Peak Community College’s Faculty Member of the Year for 2018-19. She has been a professor in the Social Work department at the college since 2013, obtained her Masters in Social Work in 2001 and has been a Licensed Clinic Social Worker since 2016.  Ann-Marie has also been a Licensed Addictions Counselor since 2017.  The honor she received as Faculty Member of the Year stems from her love of the people at the college she works – especially students. In addition to teaching classes in Social Work and Women Studies, she is extremely active working with the President of PPCC, Lance Bolton, to solve tough issues student’s face, such as housing and food shortages. She knows that when a student is struggling to find affordable housing or food that it makes it difficult to be a good student.

She actively seeks out people in the community who can offer services or partnerships to help solve these issues. By solving these issues, Ann-Marie believes the entire Colorado Springs community will benefit by having students who are healthy and thriving and ready to be hired into positions open in the area.

Ann-Marie will be leading one of our Conversation Stations at Secrets to Success on November 9, which is being held at Pikes Peak Community College. In this role, Ann-Marie will be telling more than 100 girls about her work, why she loves it, and how she is changing the world with it. Ann-Marie will join more than 20 other professional women who will be networking with girls to have them learn the myriad options open to them for their own future work. We are excited to have Ann-Marie join us for this awesome event!



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