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New! Recruiter Skills Patch Program

Updated: Mar 19

The progressive Girl Scout Recruiter Patch Program is for Girl Scouts of all levels that are out in their community sharing with others what Girl Scouts is all about!

This patch includes four components, called rockers, to earn as you build your public speaking skills, host events to influence new members to join, and support other recruiters.

  • Be an Influencer by honing your public speaking skills and raising awareness.

  • A Star Recruiter takes actions and spreads the word about local recruitment activities.

  • Become an Expert Recruiter by hosting an event or helping launch a new troop.

  • A Captain takes what they have learned to train and support other recruiters!

To earn each rocker, complete the required activity and at least one optional activity. Request you patch here. View the flyer for more details of rocker requirements and how to submit the form to have your patch and rockers sent to you. Completion of activities must be verified by an adult.



Catty Li
Catty Li
Oct 13, 2023
This service offers help to students with MATLAB homework and can be useful for those who are facing difficulties in this programming language. MATLAB can indeed be a challenge for many students and support from qualified experts can help them understand the problems.

It is very cool that they are introducing a new program for recruiters, because as a rule, one program lasts exactly four or even three years, after which it loses its effectiveness, which is even evident from the case study images that have shown us that programs are quite successful in the first and second years of their life, but then there is a sharp decline in results, which is still unknown, but specialists are doing everything in their power to correct this situation and make programs more effective over a longer period of time.

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