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NEW: Lower Prices at Magic Sky Ranch in 2017!

We are pleased to announce that property reservations at our locations have increased year over year! You may find that the property you are interested in for your Troop / Service Unit event is be already booked (as a reminder, properties can be booked 12 months in advance). To increase accessibility, we are excited to announce for the 2017 Membership Year, that we are lowering the price for Magic Sky Ranch, and offering a discount to any troop or service unit who would like to reserve the full property for their event!

  1. The price to reserve an All Season Cabin is lowering to $100 a night each. The current price for reserving an All Season Cabin is $150 a night each.

  2. This change will be implemented on the booking website on September 1st.

  3. Any reservations made for All Season Cabins for the 2017 Membership Year qualify for the new, lower price.

  4. If group reserves the full property, they will receive a 25% Full Property Discount.

  5. To qualify for this discount, you must reserve all buildings on site, including all six All Season Cabins, the Old Lodge, the two tent sites, the four seasonal units, and the activity center.

  6. To utilize this new discounted price, start your booking here for next year. Once you have reserved the full property, the Outdoor Property and Program Administrator will apply your discount, then you will receive a revised invoice with the discounted total.

Girl Scouts of Colorado is in the process of selling Magic Sky Ranch. Read more information about the property sale.

We feel comfortable that groups will be able to keep reservations through next spring and into summer, without concern of the Magic Sky sale. All troops and groups will be given between six- and nine-months’ notice if the property is sold before your reservation.  If the property is sold before your event, we will work to find another property or date that will work best for your group.  If we are unable to find another option that works for you, your reservation may be cancelled and we will provide a full refund.

Any questions, concerns or comments are welcome! Please email to receive more information!



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