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Meet the mascots for the Fall Product Program

Meet S’more and Marshmallow, the mascots for the 2017 Fall Product Program! Marshmallow is the small, white bunny. S’more is the large, brown bunny. They are among the rewards for the 2017 Fall Product Program. Marshmallow is earned at the $325 level, S’more at $850.

Rewards for the 2017 Fall Product Program also include the “Explore Your Dreams” t-shirt for $425 in sales. With $850 in sales, girls earn a 10% discount at Girl Scouts of Colorado camps and for every $200 earned beyond $975 in sales, girls will earn an additional $10 in Cookie Credits. Check out the order card to see a full list of 2017 Fall Program rewards.  All rewards are cumulative.

Learn more about the 2017 Fall Product Program on the Girl Scouts of Colorado web-site:

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