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Meet the mascots for the 2019 Fall Product Program

Meet Rita and Razina, the Northern white rhino mascots for the 2019 Fall Product Program! Rita, which means “child of light, brave and honest,” is the smaller rhino. Razina, which means “strong and patient,” is the larger rhino. The rhinos are among the rewards for the 2019 Fall Product Program. Rita rhino is earned at the $325 level, and Razina rhino at $725.

To see all 2019 Fall Product Program girl rewards, check out the order card posted on the GSCO website. Remember all rewards are cumulative.

Facts about Northern White Rhinos:

  1. The white rhino lives in Africa, in long and short-grass savannahs.

  2. White rhinos are grazers. Its wide, square upper lip is adapted for feeding on grasses.

  3. White rhinos can live to be 50 years of age.

  4. White rhinos have three toes on each foot.

  5. White rhinos are grey, not white. White rhinoceros is taken from the Afrikaans word describing its mouth: “wyd,” meaning “wide.” Early English settlers misinterpreted the “wyd” for “white.”

  6. There are two subspecies of white rhinos – the southern white rhino and northern white rhino.

  7. There are only two northern white rhinos now in existence, Nijan and Fatu, a mother and daughter.

  8. A team of conservationists is hopeful they can use in-vitro fertilization to preserve the species.

The Fall Product Program vendors, M2 and Trophy Nut, chose the Northern white rhinos because they are nearly extinct, but there are also highly innovative ways scientists and conservationists are working to preserve the species. Knowing Girl Scouts are the leaders of today and tomorrow, the vendors wanted to appeal to girls who could join the efforts to save the rhinos, and other endangered species.

Nijan and Fatu, the nearly extinct northern white rhinos, live at Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, Africa.

You can also visit the San Diego Zoo’s Institute for Conservation Research where their initiative is to save the rhinos through Reproductive Sciences, Conservation Genetics and using the Frozen Zoo Resources.

If you have questions about Fall Product Program or need assistance, please contact GSCO customer care. Call 1- 877-404-5708 or email



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