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Magic Sky Ranch – Session 4 Adventures

What a fun week it has been at Magic Sky Ranch! There were very hot and sunny days, and the week finished with a long refreshing rain storm to send campers back to their families. Here are just some of the adventures: Several of the units had some girls enjoy the optional horseback ride at Sundance Trail Guest Ranch. Everyone had a great time visiting Arts and Crafts and creating many fun things to take home. Everyone had a chance to try their hand at archery, as well as enjoying High Ropes or Climb Wall as a new climbing adventure. Much fun stickiness was had with several units also creating GAK, as well as stretching their improve skills at Dance and Drama. The Disney themed All Camp was a big hit, and while the rain and thunder/lightning chased away all the “Green Moose” (watermelons) before we could look for them, everyone enjoyed a dance party with the watermelon instead. And of course –sillyness and songs abound at both the opening and closing campfires.

You can find the Session 4 pictures here:

Thanks to all the staff, parent volunteers, kitchen, site, and campers and their families for being a part of another great week of adventures at Magic Sky Ranch!

Magic Sky Ranch 2013 Staff



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