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Lessons learned from Girl Scouts helped me to be an entrepreneur


Submitted by Cortney Kern


Over the past five years I had the honor to work for the Girl Scouts of Colorado as the Program Manager and Community Partnerships Manager. When I begun my journey with the organization, I started off working in the Grand Junction office. While there, I made some amazing friends at work and was able to explore the beauty that is the western part of Colorado. Grand Junction served as a good location for me at the time as I moved there right when I got out of the Peace Corps as a volunteer in Morocco. The slower pace of life helped settle me back in to living in the United States.

After about six months of living in Grand Junction, the Girl Scouts gave me the opportunity to move to Denver. This was a huge blessing and started out a chain of events that I would not have changed for the world. When I arrived in Denver, within only a week, I met my husband, even though at the time I did not know it. Now, five years later we have a brand new daughter who I hope will one day will be a Girl Scout.

Not only did Girl Scouts in help lead me to my family, I have also learned valuable lessons in communication with others and gained experience supporting and being a part of a team. Even though I am no longer an employee of the Girl Scouts of Colorado, I am still a Girl Scout at heart. Through my experiences, I have gained the courage and confidence to branch out on my own and follow my passion into wellness and business coaching. I am taking the lessons I was teaching younger Girl Scouts members and now living it out on my own by being a business owner with Kern Wellness. If it wasn’t for my time at Girl Scouts, I could not imagine being in a position in my life where I am now and could make this happen. So thank you Girl Scouts for believing in me from the beginning, letting me grow with you and supporting me in my next chapter.

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