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Join Miguel Dakota around the campfire at the Centennial Kickoff Celebration

Submitted by Mickki Langston

Signing is a joyous part of the Girl Scout experience. For many girls, learning and signing songs is one of the most memorable experiences at camp. Singing Girl Scout songs brings us together and weaves tradition throughout the many generations of Girl Scouts.

The first Girl Scout song book was published in 1925! Singing can be used to open and close meetings, punctuate ceremonies, and make work more pleasurable.

Here’s a great photo of Senior Girl Scouts singing in 1959.


President Obama and the First Lady recently joined Girl Scouts in singing around a campfire.

Singing Obamas

If you’re looking for great resources for Girl Scout songs, check out the Girl Scout Pocket Songbook for purchase from the GSUSA shop, and the many songs found on the Girl Scouts Songs youtube channel.

Not everyone has to have a songbird voice to have a good time, however. That’s why we’re excited Miguel Dakota, a Colorado singer who was a finalist on America’s Got Talent, is joining us for the Centennial Celebration on July 23, 2016. He’ll be singing around our campfire at 6:30 p.m. Here’s a video of Miguel covering “Do I Wanna Know” in the Garden of the Gods.

The event is less than a month away, so use this link to get your tickets now: 

Spread the word to all your Girl Scout sisters using our Facebook event: 

See you around the campfire!



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