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Inspiring Futures – Photographer

Have you ever wondered what makes a powerful photograph? Why are we drawn to some images, but not others? Fact is, there are reasons why certain images “speak” to us, and we can learn how to speak to others through photography! In this virtual workshop, girls will learn several different elements to create a stronger image, as well as how to express their voice and artistic message through a photograph.

Before the workshop, we are asking girls to photograph a scene of their choice in 6 significantly ways. How creative can you get? Each girl will have an opportunity to share their photos and receive feedback in the workshop. Girls will leave this workshop feeling more confident in their photography skills, and more mindful about the images they create.

Haley Carpinelli will also tell us all about how she turned her passion for photography into a business where she can capture joy for family holiday cards, graduation pictures and so much more! Perhaps one day you can become a professional photographer too! There are many types of photographer jobs people love: Wedding, Commercial, Portrait, Travel, Stock, Photojournalism, Sports, Wildlife, Fashion and Science.

Which area of photography peaks your interest? Let’s talk about it at this event!

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