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Greeley Fire and Rescue at our cookie booth

Submitted by Danielle Wilson

Northern & Northeastern CO


Tearyn (Girl Scout Junior) was at a King Soopers site. It was cold, but she pushed on. A group of firefighters came in to do some shopping for their fire station. She didn’t know they actually lived in the station for several days at a time, because they’re ALWAYS on call. Day or night they’re ready to help anyone in need. It could be a serious fire or a minor injury, it doesn’t matter, they’re ready in an instant.

About Tearyn: I am a go-getter because I reached out and asked for a picture. I am an innovator because I designed my booth, made a reversible tablecloth, and I am always thinking of new ways to make more sales. I am a risk-taker because I’m willing to try new things to see if they will work. Challenges motovate me! I AM A LEADER! I encourage other booths that set up after mine. In my troop, I love helping others with projects and in school I help classmates. I even won the principals award (again) at school for being “open minded” this time.

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