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Gracynn’s Cookie Video


Submitted by Nina Duncan


Denver Metro

This year, my daughter Gracynn decided she wanted to increase her cookie goal to 500. We talked a lot about how she would need to work hard to reach her goal, and we discussed ways to help her reach her goal. Being a firm believer that this is Gracynn’s cookie business, I explained to her that if she wanted to sell her cookies on social media, that we would need to come up with a way so that she’s doing the asking, and not me. That’s when she said, “it’s too bad I can’t talk to them. ” Which lead to the idea of making a video. Gracynn and I discussed what would be important to say to her customers, and that’s how we came up with a script. After recording, we played around with subtitles and stickers, just to make her video more fun. By the time her video was complete, Gracynn was confident and proud of her hard work, and super excited to sell cookies. We still have a month to go, and Gracynn is over halfway to her goal!

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