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Gold Award project raises awareness of endangered bat species

For her Gold Award project, Isabel created the Bring Back the Bats program to raise awareness about the endangered species of bats.

She chose her project because she has always been drawn to wildlife and loves working with anything nature-related. Her goal was to educate people about wildlife and bring more awareness to this local species.

Through researching for this project I found that bats have become endangered and that they are crucial pollinators, so I figured this would be a great project to take up!

Isabel says, "Completing this project impacted how I view wildlife work and education about wildlife, it was interesting to combine this project and the skills I've developed from working with Girl Scouts as a camp counselor over the summer. It was fun to combine these two areas of my life with this project when creating the patch to go along with my project."

To Isabel, being a Girl Scout means making a difference in other Girl Scouts' lives. She adds, "This is a newer found meaning to me, but after spending the summer working with younger Girl Scouts, and even now with older Girl Scouts, it's become so meaningful to make a positive impact in these scouts' experiences as Girl Scouts."



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