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Gold Award: Celebrating 100 Years of Changing the World

Arguably, the most impactful part of Girl Scouts is the earning of the Girl Scout Gold Award. This prestigious award represents the highest achievement in Girl Scouts and challenges high school girls to initiate meaningful, sustainable change locally, nationally, and/or globally through unique “Take Action” projects of their own creation.

Girl Scouts of Colorado is proud to have honored 50 girls in the 2014-15 Girl Scout year who have successfully earned their Gold Award. There are currently more than 100 girls across Colorado who are actively pursuing their Gold Award and are anywhere in the process from developing a project proposal to perfecting their final reports. We cannot wait to see what these girls accomplish!

Any girl in high school is eligible to earn her Gold Award! All it takes commitment, persistence, and a desire to make an impact in her community or beyond. Girls who earn their Gold Award continue to experience benefits throughout the course of their lifetime. They are also able to distinguish themselves in the college admissions process, earn college scholarships, and enter the military one rank higher than women who have not earned their Gold Award. Throughout life Gold Award recipients are seen as role models and leaders, able to master time management, and have the skills to collaborate with community partners to make their visions a reality.

2016 marks the Gold Award Centennial, and we are looking to provide the support and guidance necessary so any girl who wants to earn her Gold Award is able to successfully do so. Girl Scouts of Colorado is also excited to showcase what girls have accomplished at such a young age through the Girl Scout program over the past 100 years at our Highest Awards Celebrations and the Gold Award Day at the Capitol in the spring.

If you’re interested, or know a young lady interested in the Girl Scout Gold Award, keep an eye out for “Highest Awards & Take Action” and “Gold Award” trainings coming soon to your community and online. You can also email anytime with questions.




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