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Four surprising benefits of introducing a friend to Girl Scouts

“Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, the other gold. A circle is round, it has no end. That’s how long I’ll be your friend.” 

Every Girl Scout knows this song. It’s sung across the country at troop meetings, friendship circles, campfires, and more. Why does it mean so much to Girl Scouts? Because it solidifies our more than 100-year history of sisterhood, inclusion, and shared adventure. Not to mention, Girl Scouts is the perfect place to make new friends who help nurture one another on the path to leadership and success (and often last a lifetime)! 

We know that bringing those silver and gold friends together might sound overwhelming at first, but did you know there are some surprising benefits to having your girl’s friend groups mix? Here are four of ‘em! 

1. She’ll bridge her worlds. One of the best things about Girl Scouts is that girls can incorporate the skills they learn, the experiences they enjoy, and the lessons they reap into their everyday lives at home, in school, and in their community. So, why not bring all of that Girl Scout awesomeness into their friend groups, too? By bringing a close neighbor or schoolmate to a Girl Scout meeting, your girl can see two of her worlds collide in an amazing way as she realizes Girl Scouts isn’t just an activity, but a unique experience she can use and share every day and weave seamlessly into many parts of her life.

2. She’ll practice her leadership skills. By introducing a close friend to the world of Girl Scouting, your girl has a chance to take the lead and show her friend the ropes (and maybe even how to tie a few!). She’ll teach her friend the Girl Scout Promise; show off the latest badge troop members earned and explain how they did it; encourage her friend to try something new; and, most importantly, share what Girl Scouts means to her. Not only does this give your girl a confidence boost but it also gives her a chance to inspire others to unleash the leader in them! If Girl Scouts is something she loves and believes in, what better way to take the lead than to offer that same experience to someone she cares about?

3. She’ll gain a new perspective. Have you ever looked at a giant painting too close and missed the bigger picture? Sure, you’re having so much fun admiring the details—from each delicate brush stroke to the thoughtful coloring—but sometimes taking a step back to look at something from the outside in can help you appreciate what you’re really seeing. By watching her friend experience Girl Scouting for the first time, your girl will also see the experience from new eyes, reinvigorating her love for Girl Scouts as well as her appreciation for the magnitude of what she is learning and doing every day to empower herself and make the world a better place. Talk about seeing the bigger picture!

4. She’ll understand the importance of sisterhood. Being a sister to every Girl Scout may be intuitive to most, but seeing it in person as her troop accepts a potential new member can be eye-opening for a young girl. It helps her appreciate the benefits of having a band of sisters who will have her back no matter what and will inspire her to always do the same for others—it’s the Girl Scout way, after all!

So, next time you notice one of your girl’s friends asking about what she does in Girl Scouts, contact your troop leader to see if you can cohost an “Bring-a-Friend” meeting—one that let’s new girls and their parents participate in Girl Scout activities and possibly join in on the fun as they discover what Girl Scouts could bring to their own lives.



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