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Fencing: Experience an Olympic sport


Submitted by Kathryn Lewis-Salem

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

Do you want the thrill of experiencing an Olympic sport? Fencing is an Olympic sport and you can learn the basics and impress your family and friends with your knowledge! Front Range Fencing Club offers a Fencing Experience to all Girl Scouts at which you will receive a fun patch and you will work towards the requirements of a badge. The experience is 1 ½ hours long and contains the preliminary instruction on form and feel of fencing. Front Range Fencing provides all of the equipment needed as well as certified instruction (certified by USA fencing, the US Fencing Coaches Association and Safe Sport). The classes are offered at our practice space: Chinook Trails Elementary School just off of Powers and Union in the North East region of Colorado Springs. The list of current classes by age group can be found on our website [ ]. We promote skills and safety so we ask that all Girl Scouts wear long athletic pants and sneakers (no jeans or shorts, no boots or sandals) to the experience. We have quite a few Girl Scouts who are fencers in our Club. They often participate in the class instruction. This is a sport that is particularly good for girls, improving physical and intellectual strengths as well as critical thinking and success. En Garde! Touche’! Come and learn about this fascinating sport that combines the grace of dancing with the excitement of an action puzzle with the thrill of competition while cultivating the Girl Scouts traits of courage, character and confidence!

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