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Family Guide and 4 Her Promise

A new Girl Scout year is just around the corner! Whether making new friends, riding horses, building robots, traveling, or just having fun, she’ll find her place with Girl Scouts of Colorado.

Troops rely on volunteer support for girls to have the best experience possible. While troop leaders are committed to provide the primary guidance and support, all families are asked to give what they can. GSCO encourages caregivers to become volunteers to ensure girls get the most out of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Parents, friends, and other family members can provide time, experience, and ideas. For resources, check out the Girl Scouts of Colorado Family Guide.

Girls who have family support and participation in their Girl Scout adventures are more likely to stay in Girl Scouts. Consider volunteering four hours this year for her! We are asking for your promise of 4 hours per family per year – 4 HER.  Learn more about the 4 Her Promise.



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