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E-card welcomes new Daisy Girl Scouts

Submitted by Susan Jarosch

Mountain Communities

My name is Susie. I’m an engineer, turned stay-at-home mom of twin girls, turned new Daisy Girl Scout leader. My girls started Kindergarten this year, and I was encouraged by a friend to join Daisy Girl Scouts and become a leader. I’m so excited to begin this fun adventure with lots of beautiful, smiling new faces.

Through my recent training, I’ve learned a lot about the fundamental principles of Girl Scouts. I’m thrilled how these fundamentals resonate with our family values. One of the overlying themes is “Courage, Confidence, Character”, and I loved how this summed up all for which Girl Scouts stands.

As girls registered for our newly formed Daisy troop, I wanted to give each of them a fun, personalized welcome. I figured an e-card was the best option, but in my search online, nothing seemed quite right. Hence, I decided to make my own greeting.

The daisies were still blooming in my garden, and I wanted to utilize those in a few photographs for my welcome greeting. I noticed the different stages of the flower from buds to fully bloomed daisies. This reminded me of the Girl Scout overlying theme of which I was so fond. The buds symbolized the Courage to begin. The partially blossomed flower symbolized Confidence to break out and keep growing. The full daisy symbolized a beautiful flower blossoming with Character. And from there, I was able to formulate a plan.

I made a few printouts, took a few photographs, and let my computer application take care of the rest. I soon had a little video to welcome each new Daisy registrant based on the theme of “Courage, Confidence, Character”. I can even personalize the videos and change the name at the beginning for each little girl to welcome her into the troop. I was invited to share the video with all of you, and I hope you enjoy it!

Have a wonderful Girl Scout season!

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