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Daisy’s Circle Supporter Spotlight: Karrie Adamson

Tell us about your connection to Girl Scouts.

I started as a leader when my oldest was in second grade. I had those girls until they graduated high school. When my girls were in school, I was the service unit manager for five years. I loved what the Girl Scout Cookie Program gave the girls, so I got heavily involved and loved watching the girls achieve goals and gain confidence. In 1994, I got talked into volunteering at day camp and found my place! I worked at Genesee the next year as a counselor and then moved to the urban team as the business manager and then took over as the director where I stayed until the program was eliminated. During the school year, I worked at a few different outreach programs until I found my passion for the Focus on Ability program where I have been for the last 20 years.

What is the most valuable thing that Girl Scouts gives girls today?

The ability to have self confidence! I love that it gives them a place where they can try new things and explore with safe boundaries and amazing mentors, My girls still attribute many of the leadership skills they have and self confidence to Girl Scouts.

Why did you join Daisy’s Circle?

I joined because as a leader and camp director, I saw many girls benefit from scholarships that allowed them the experience when money was not available for them. I would like to help girls have that experience.

What is the best thing about monthly giving?

It produces an ongoing, reliable source of income.

Named after Girl Scout founder, Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low, Daisy’s Circle is Girl Scouts of Colorado’s monthly giving program. Funds raised through Daisy’s Circle provide financial assistance for girls and volunteers, support Outreach Programs and more.  For more information:



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