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Congratulations on a successful Girl Scout Cookie Sale Program    

Another amazing Girl Scout Cookie Sale Program has come and gone. No doubt your girls are now busy planning the fun adventures they will go on and the ways they will help others. The 2017 Girl Scout Cookie Sale Program  was a huge success with just more than 16,000 girls participating and a per-girl-average of 273 packages of cookies. About 4.5 million packages of cookies were sold statewide, 357,409 of those sold online through Digital Cookie. The top seller in the state sold more than 7,000 packages of cookies!


Rewards are currently being delivered to Service Unit Cookie Managers. Cookie Credits have been mailed directly to the girl at the current address in the membership database, unless the family has requested these credits be held at council for camp.

Keep in mind delivery times vary with different vendors, so patience is appreciated. Please follow pick-up procedures set in place by your SUCM. It is important to distribute rewards promptly to the girls as they have worked hard to earn them. We know many troops like to distribute these rewards at year-end ceremonies, but please do not delay this activity waiting on one or two items to arrive from the vendor. Please note that May 5, 2017 is the deadline to report any missing rewards or reward issues to staff.

Hometown Hero deliveries

When your troop is out delivering Hometown Hero cookies, please remember to take a few photos and share your story here on the GSCO blog and on social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram).

Need help?

  1. Contact your Service Unit Cookie Manager (listed on your troop page of eBudde)

  2. Ask the staff Product Sales Specialist for your area (see below)

  3. Try our Customer Support Team at 877-404-5708 or

GSCO Product Sales Specialists

Mary Ann Deard (Region 1, 2, 5) –

Rychelle Arnold (Region 3, 4) –

Laura Aguon (Region 6) –

Elizabeth Lipp (Region 7) –

Use Cookie Credits to pay for camp

Girls have worked hard selling cookies to earn troop proceeds and Cookie Credits; now put them to use by registering for summer camp! Troops can use troop proceeds to help pay for a troop camp experience.

Brownies or girls bridging to Brownies, might want to check out the 3-day sessions to ease themselves (and their parents!) into the idea of overnight camp!

There are water camps, adventure camps and more sessions available for Girl Scout Juniors. Older girls love camp life too! Check out the 12-day sessions for girls ready to really immerse themselves in the camp experience.

View the session listings for an opportunity for your girl. Girls can use Cookie Credits to help pay their way to camp and if she registers and pays by April 30, 2017, she’ll get the Early Bird discount.



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