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Changing the Legacy of Race & Ethnicity: Conversations for One America

Across the United States, people are marching in the streets, demanding an end to police brutality and racial inequality. But, the issue of racism and violence against people of color runs deep. While we‘ve made progress over the years, this feels like a moment when people all over the country recognize that half-measures are not enough. This is a deep, centuries-in-the-making challenge that we face to undo racism, and we need decisive action.

Changing the Legacy of Race & Ethnicity (CLoRE) is a conversation series initiated by Colorado Humanities and implemented with partners to encourage understanding and discussion about the legacy of race in America, and how to make changes now for a more just future.

The first conversation, ‘How Did We Get Here?’ will be held on October 21, 2020 at 7 p.m. Acclaimed author Adrian Miller will moderate this panel exploring race and ethnicity in Colorado and in the United States from the perspectives of history, economics, criminology, psychology, and faith traditions. Featured panelists are:

  1. Rachel Harding

  2. Denise Maes

  3. Wendell Pryor

  4. Anthony Young

This series is free and will be broadcast on YouTube and Facebook. Please register:

* Colorado Humanities designs all of their programs to be family friendly. All content should be appropriate for all ages.

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