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Candy Campfires Teach Girls about Building Fires and Fire Safety


Submitted by Jess Moore

A fun and visual way to talk about camp fires are by building Candy Campfires. Camo, the outdoors expert here at Sky High Ranch has been using this demonstration as a great way to help the girls learn about the types of fires they can build and the best use for each. The activity is also rooted in fire safety.

The girls start with the fire ring made of Dots instead of stones, and talk about why they are important for controlling fires, as well as other safety precautions that we use at camp, including the Critter Stick and water. The demonstration moves on to the size difference between tinder, kindling, and fuel and why each are important. Coconut flakes (tinder) and pretzels (kindling) are used to build the basic structures, and Red Hots are used to show the fire source.

During the session with Camo, the girls go over the types of fire structures that can be built, and they rearrange their pretzels to demonstrate the principles: A-frame, log cabin, lean-to and the teepee all can be arranged for different uses. Be sure to ask your Girl Scout which is best for roasting marshmallows next time you have s’mores!



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