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Camps for Seniors and Ambassadors


Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts have so many options at summer camp. They can go to our most adventurous camp sessions to hone their outdoors skills, they can go on extended trips, and they have amazing options with Troop Camps (new High Adventure Troop Camp!) and Family Camps too. Whatever the camp, Seniors and Ambassadors are bound to make lifelong friends and build skills that will come in handy as they grow into adulthood. Register your Girl Scout for camp now! Review camp sessions. Here is a list of open sessions at our camps at this time:

Adventure camps are a hit with Seniors and Ambassadors! They provide a level of challenge and skill mastery in a community atmosphere of support. TR27 TARDIS TR39 Expedition Wild! (12-days! Perfect for the girl that never wants to leave camp!)

Is horseback riding your thing? Seniors and Ambassadors can take a Colorado horseback adventure. In this trip, girls will take a 3-day, 2-night adventure on horseback. They’ll then spend 3 days on a working ranch at cowgirl camp. One day will be spent whitewater rafting. TT01 Colorado Horseback Adventure

Three-day camps offer Seniors and Ambassadors a taste of camp without the huge time commitment! We know Cadettes often have busy summers, but there is still time for camp! SH34 Wizarding World of Beasts (3-day) TR45 Tri Wizard (3-day)

Leadership sessions enable trained Program Aides and Counselors In Training to further their skills leading girls and programs at camp. Program Aide should be completed during the Cadette years and then allows girls to register as a PA at Overnight Camp once they are entering 9th grade. CIT’s must complete a training their first year, and then continue their leadership with CIT 2 the second or third year after that. Our CIT 1 sessions are full at this time. SH09, SH20, SH30, SH46, SH58, SH67 PA SH11, SH21, SH32, SH48, SH59, SH69 CIT 2

Troop Camps are a fun for Seniors and Ambassadors to camp with their troop and leaders. At Troop Camps, meals, activities and lodging in camp cabins or tabins is included. At Troop Camp, you’ll experience sisterhood with other troops from around Colorado (and maybe beyond!) SH35 Sky High Troop Camp TC01, TC03, TC04, TC07 MMR Troop Camp TC044, TC074 MMR High Adventure Troop Camp TC05 Camp Jackson Troop Camp TC06 Western Slope Troop Camp

Do you like to camp, and love the outdoors? Show off your skills! Reach for the Peak, is an annual outdoor skills competition that is 29 years strong. Do you and your troop have what it takes? Reach for the Peak is at Sky High Ranch on August 12-14. The Reach for the Peak Tickler gives troops a practice day of the skills before for the big event on June 4, 2016.

Family Camps allow Seniors and Ambassadors and their parents to experience Girl Scout Camp together (maybe for one last time if they are graduating!). Create memories at camp together where you’ll have delicious camp food, sleep in camp cabins together, and get to do fun camp activities too.

FC01 Lazy Acres Me and My Guy FC03 Tomahawk Ranch Me & My Family FC04 Tomahawk Ranch Me & My Guy

Register now for Girl Scout Camp! Review camp sessions. Reserve a Girl Scouts of Colorado Property for your troop/group! Check out Travel Opportunities for Girl Scouts! Pay camp balances with CampInTouch, with a Cookie Credit Card or a Gift Card prior to April 30 to lock in Early Bird Pricing!



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