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Camp Directors – Learning and Growing for Girl Scouts!

Outdoor Programs staff current and past!

Outdoor Programs staff current and past!

Here is a picture of our current and past Outdoor Programs Volunteer Managers when they met up at the American Camp Association’s national conference this month in Atlanta Georgia. For me, it was really nice to hear about connections between these amazing staff that have helped create so many outdoor programs for our girls!

When I talk with people about what I do (and the Outdoor Programs Team), they often ask, “what do you all do during the year when it’s not summer?” The answer is “a lot!”

We have a small and mighty Outdoor Programs team:

  1. Myself (Betsy “Baja” Smith), I oversee it all!

  2. Anna “Sunshine” Danila, the Outdoor Volunteer Programs Manager – she oversees all volunteer led programs, travel for our council, and single day outdoor programs

  3. Kim “Ruddy” Petau, Sky High Ranch Camp Director

  4. Monica “Obi Joe” Gray, Tomahawk Ranch Director

As a team, we do tons of work during the off season, including, but not limited to:

  1. Hiring staff and recruiting volunteers for the summer

  2. Attending conferences to keep abreast of current trends of youth development

  3. Planning logistics for summer camp locations and logistics



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