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Cadettes: Earn your “Finding Common Ground” badge at the Colorado Capitol

On Friday June 15, 2018, we will have our fun and engaging Girl Scout Cadette Day at the Colorado Capitol! 75 girls will get the chance to spend the day at our beautiful State Capitol in Denver completing the requirements for the “Finding Common Ground” badge. This badge will provide learning opportunities for girls to acquire skills that can help bring people with different beliefs together to make decisions about our world.

Girls will rotate through activities that explore civic debate, learn the art of compromise, and practice skills in mediation. Each of these skills will give them a broader understanding of the process on how decisions are made in a democracy. These are also great skills to mention on those future job, scholarship, or school resumes!

Included in our day activities will be a private historical tour of the beautiful Colorado State Capitol. Cost for Cadette attendance is $6 and includes patch, and the limited space for adult chaperones is free.  Register at

Questions? Contact GSCO Girl Experience Manager Emily Speck at or 303-607-4811.



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