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Building benches: Silver Award project

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Region Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

With some searching, Madison and I found our Silver Award project at Our Lady of the Pines, a church which needed benches built for little children. Mrs. Vrooman, the director of the Youth Ministry, was our project advisor. She suggested the project to us because she thought the benches would help children focus better, and they could be useful in events such as Vacation Bible School and story time. The project is sustainable because after we finished the building, the benches can continue to be of use for many years.

Our first step in making the benches was to create our plans. We planned all of the steps that were required for making the benches from buying the materials to who would do the work. After buying the supplies, we hired our dads to construct the benches. They suggested a change to our design so the benches would be sturdier, and then we supervised them as they assembled the benches. I delivered our benches to the church, after we completed our Silver Award.

As Girl Scouts, Madison and I promise to “serve God”, which we have done by helping the church. We also live by the Girl Scout law, which says to “make the world a better place”, and the benches have created a better environment for children to learn. Both the promise and law say to be helpful, and building benches has helped the children by providing them with seating, and helped the church teachers by making it easier for the children to focus. During this project, we both discovered new things about ourselves as well as left a lasting change in the community.

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