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Better Sunscreen, Better World: Gold Award project by Ardena J.

I chose my project after going to Hawai'i in 2022 with a Marine Biology course and saw all the dead coral.

I think the most impactful part of that trip was standing on the beach getting instructions on an assignment and being told to "count the dead coral", because there would be no data if you didn't.

That day I knew I wanted to help coral reefs somehow. It was incredible to see the project all together and see its impact, it still brings a smile to my face when I see the sticker on someone's computer, water bottle, or car especially if I don't know them.


2 Comments is the informational website Ardena created on sunscreens and reef protection.


Gail Longenecker
Gail Longenecker
Nov 15, 2023

where's the rest of the article?

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