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Best Cookie Video contest: Alivia’s cookie video

Submitted by Alivia

Western Colorado

My name is Alivia, this is my 3rd year as a Girl Scout and I love it. My troop is always doing things to help our community just last December we donated a scarf to every resident at Mantey Heights Nursing Home. It makes me really proud to be a part of a troop that really cares for others.

This cookie season my troop has a big goal of 6,755 packages.  My personal goal is 2,050 packages.  We would love to use our earnings for an energy saving project we are working on, gift packages for Mantey Heights Nursing Home, and to go to an official Girl Scout camp. I hope it’s a science camp.

This story was submitted using the Share Your Stories form and is part of the 2018 contest for Best Cookie Video.

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