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Best Cookie Dad contest: Gold medal Cookie Dad

Submitted by Eden S.

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs

My baby sister, Caroline, was born really early in the morning on the first day of the cookie program. My mom was in the hospital still, so my dad took me out selling cookies in our neighborhood. The weather was cold and rainy, and my dad had been up almost all night, but he knew I really wanted to earn the Game Day patch for selling 50 packages on the first day/Super Bowl Sunday, so he took me to each house and cheered me on all afternoon.

My dad also helped me work a bunch of different booths and reminds me to be confident with customers. He has helped me with my math skills too, and showed me how to make an Excel spreadsheet with formulas and everything, to keep track of my sales.

My dad works really hard in the Army and I know he would love to kick back and relax and watch the Super Bowl or the Olympics, but he gives his time to me and my siblings instead. I think he’s the one that deserves a gold medal because he’s an awesome, giving Cookie Dad!

This story was submitted using the Share Your Stories form and is part of the 2018 contest for Best Cookie Dad.  Is your Cookie Dad the best? Tell us about him and he’ll win a cool prize!

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