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Because of Girl Scout Camp … part 7

This week’s entry comes from Julie “Pecos” Fischer, the Statewide Horse Director for Girl Scouts of Colorado:

Because of camp. . . . .I’ve made my life around teaching scouts to joys of horses 😉  I have been a scout since I was 4 years old and was basically born into scouting.  My parents are big into scouts and outdoors but neither were horse people.  I was lucky enough to be influenced by local ranchers where we grew up.  One of the ranchers also taught riding at our council GS camp and I worked hard every year to sell enough cookies so I could go to two weeks horse camp and learn from her during camp as well as year round. . . .because of her influence I remained with horses throughout my life and worked at my council camp along with her after completing the WIT program.  I continued to work with horses at scout camps through college.  I loved what camp brought regarding opportunities and how big influence it had in my decision to share my skills and show other girls how much fun camp and horses can be 😉 


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