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Baby Goats! Just born at Tomahawk Ranch

In the Outdoor Programs team, we do many many things during the year that help prepare us for summer. At Tomahawk and Sky High Ranch, we have small animal programs that are part of our Homesteading Programs. Our camp directors not only work with children in the summer, the often fill in as surrogate animal mamas when needed on their farms.

This past month, we’ve had lots of excitement on the Tomahawk Ranch farm – three baby goats were born!

Friday, February 5: Ginny, one of our goats, gave birth to Jack and Jill! Obi Joe (camp director Monica Gray) and her staff went to bed on Friday night. Ginny and her babies were settled in and happy and nursing well together.

Saturday, February 6: Staff got to the barn and Ginny had passed away. Her uterus twisted and she developed bloat. This happens when goats are born sometimes and it is not easily prevented.

The search for baby goat milk begins. Staff had to feed baby goats every two hours.

Sunday, February 7: The goats got dressed up and brought to a Super Bowl party to keep them on their feeding schedule.

Goat milk nursing at the Super Bowl party!

Goat milk nursing at the Super Bowl party!

Super bowl goat babies!

Super bowl goat babies!

Tuesday, February 9: Obi Joe found and purchased a goat mama! They rubbed Jack and Jill’s diapers on her to enhance her motherly instincts. April adopted Jack and Jill. The staff at Tomahawk help with nursing since April can’t make enough milk for twins.

Wednesday, February 10: Obi Joe was on her way to Byers to pick up a new lamb that was being donated to camp. She got an urgent call from camp staff to turn around. Another female goat, Ladybug, was having a baby. They didn’t know she was pregnant. (Male and female goats are kept separately, but may have had a late night meet up through the fence).

New goat born at Tomahawk!

Thursday, February 11: Ladybug was having a hard time nursing Faith. Obi Joe researched her breed. Ladybug is a LaMancha and that breed is known to have had lots of inbreeding and human interference so they are known to not nurse well. The Tomahawk staff had to again milk ladybug and feed Faith by hand. Luckily Faith only needed nursing every 4 hours since she was bigger than the twins.

Tuesday, February 16: All goats have a mama and all babies are nursing! The Tomahawk staff are milking the goats twice a day to help with milk supplies for supplemental bottle feedings.

We are excited about our growing animal family at Tomahawk. Here is a photo of Obi Joe as a girl at Tomahawk when she was a camper there as a girl.

Obi Joe as a camper at Tomahawk!

Girls who attend many of our camps at both Tomahawk Ranch and Sky High Ranch interact with our farm animals as part of their camp programs. Learn more about our summer camps, or register your girl for a memorable camp experience now!

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