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Aurora Troop 61045 earns Bronze Award helping ILC students

Submitted by Elan Robinson Aurora

Troop 61045 in Aurora decided in March that they wanted to do something special for the ILC students at Peakview Elementary School for their Bronze Award.

They noticed that the kids in the ILC program needed some help sitting still. After meeting with Colleen, head of the ILC program they found that not only did they need weighted stuffed animals to help the kids sit still but they needed weighted vests and shoulder bags to carry their pencils and schedules in.

Colleen asked that the vests be in colorful and gender-appropriate patterns that the kids would be excited to wear. The girls opened up the animals and inserted rice bags that they made. They donated 18 animals. Their leader Elan, made four vests for the kids and again they made rice bags to weight them. They also made the shoulder bags.

We presented the items to the ILC program at the end of September. The ILC kids were so excited to be able to pick their own special animal to hold. Colleen said that the kids are excited to wear the vests now and can pick the one they like the most. Colleen is so happy with the items. They can now use the funds that they would’ve used for new vests on other essential items for the program.

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The girls are Jessie, Alexis, Brittney, Kaylee, Payton, Acelynn, Sopia, Kylie, Katie, Kaitlyn, leader Elan, Chloe, Katelyn and co-leader Kim. Not pictured is Campbell.



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