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Art Journaling with Girls Looking Forward

Art Journal 1 9.8.2015

In 1982, Girl Scouts of Colorado collaborated with the Division of Youth Corrections and began the Girls Looking Forward (GLF) program for girls in alternative schools and facilities. GLF is targeted to a specific population of girls that may not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in Girl Scouts. Meetings at the Marler Center are held every other week. Aligned with Girl Scout objectives, GLF is determined to increase self-confidence as well as help young women make better life decisions. Lessons and activities include, self-esteem building, effective communication, goalsetting and expressive arts. (exerted from Betty Marler newsletter,

Art Journal 2 9.8.2015

Recently, the girls have been participating in an expressive art form called art journals.  Art journals are visual journals. It is similar to having a diary, except there are images and few words. Each page consists of a different prompt. For example, “Where do you want to be in five years?” or “Journal about things that inspire you”.

Keeping an art journal can support self-care, nurture your dreams, and help you connect with your creative side. Art journaling gives these girls an opportunity to have total control over the outcome of their project. They are provided with different mediums (markers, stickers, magazines, oil pastels, ribbon) and they are given all creative liberty over their project. They just must follow a prompt, be reflective and respectful. There are no rules to art journaling—just to create in a way that inspires you. Art journaling is never perfect. It helps teach that we all make mistakes along the way, but that is still doesn’t have to affect our final outcome. At the end of the day, the girls love their journals and are proud of what they created!

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