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Announcing online payments for your troop

Did you raise your hand to collect payments for your troop? Hats off to you!

Girl Scouts of Colorado wants to make your life just a little bit easier. We’ve partnered with Cheddar Up to give troops all of the tools they need to create a payment collection page in minutes.

Creating a collection is easy. After you create your troop’s account at, you will have access to customized libraries created just for Girl Scouts of Colorado. You name it, you can collect for it: outing, event, dues, gear, fundraiser… the list goes on.

Even better? You can collect information as well. Have an event coming up and need to collect payments plus a waiver? Girl Scouts of Colorado has pre-loaded forms that you can add to your collection page.

Create an online collection for your troop and enjoy:

  1. ONLINE PAYMENTS: Accept payments by credit card and cash or check. You’ll be able to track online and offline payments.

  2. ONLINE FORMS: Add form fields to your collection to eliminate paper and move all information-collecting online.

  3. AUTOMATIC TRACKING: Cheddar Up tracks all payments and information online. In one click, easily export to Excel.

  4. COMPLETE OVERSITE: Securely transfer funds directly to your units bank account with an online record of all withdrawals.And, every volunteer’s dream:

  5. EASY HANDOFF: Replicate collections year after year—with saved history for always-there online records.

To see these features in action watch the quick video tutorial:

Sign up for free and get started:

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