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All Ages Service Project Opportunity

The Longmont Community Crochet Guild is working on a service project that involves taking plastic grocery bags and upcycling them into a crochet bedroll for people without homes or living in their cars.

To make these bedrolls, it takes between 500 to 700 plastic bags, cut in a particular way, and strung together to make plarn (PLastic-yARN). The guild members then take the plarn and crochet them into a bed-sized rectangular shape.

There are many ways that young kids can participate in helping out. The main steps for making plarn are:

1. Collect clean plastic bags 2. Cut the bags into 4 loops 3. Link the loops together to create a continuous strip

Younger kids can help with steps 1 and 3, while older kids would be better suited for step 2 (which would involve either scissors or a rotary cutter and cutting mat).

If any troops out there are interested, we hope you will contact the guild at by March 31st. We have an instructional video that we can share, and would like to discuss possible timelines.



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