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2021 Fall Product Program Kick-off

Girl Scouts of Colorado’s Fall Product Program starts Saturday, September 11!

Participating in the program is a safe, easy, and fun way for troops to earn proceeds for future Girl Scout adventures – 13% of magazine orders and $1.05/item for nut and chocolate items sold. Girl Scouts build their entrepreneurial business skills by running their own business!

Funds from Fall Product Program can help you take those plans to the next level and give back to your community in an even more meaningful way.

Girls earn rewards and Cookie Credits based on their participation in the Fall Product Program. Click here to see girl rewards!

Important 2021 Fall Product Program Dates

  1. September 11 – Fall Product Program begins.

  2. October 10 – In-person sales end. Last day for paper order card/Nut Promise orders.

  3. October 13 – Online, girl delivery orders close. Online orders of shipped nuts candy and magazines continue.

  4. October 25 – Fall Product Program ends. Online storefronts close.

All materials for Fall Product Program are shipped directly to service unit fall product program managers (SUFPM) and then distributed to troops. SUFPMs will coordinate distribution of program materials to troops and Juliettes.

Volunteers and families can also download or print Fall Product Program materials from the Fall Product Program Resources page on the GSCO website.

For troop fall product managers and Girl Scout families, training will be available online after Labor Day.

For more information, go to the Fall Product Program page on the GSCO website or contact GSCO customer care at 1-877-404-5708 or



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