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2019 Best Cookie Video contest: Ashla’s cookie video

This year, I want to sell 500 packages of Girl Scout Cookies, but I would prefer to sell 1,000, so I can go to Girl Scout Camp. A friend I met at Girl Scout Camp last year and I coordinated it so we could go to the same camp and I am working hard to get there. Our camp is called “Brave the Elements” and we are going to learn about a lot of different outdoor activities.  I am doing booth sales on the weekends, after school, and at my karate dojo. I try to stay active and do a lot of things like gymnastics, dance, the school musical, two choirs, karate, and Girl Scouts. I also like volunteering at the food bank and try to go once a month. I like cookie sales because it helps me learn a lot and set goals. Please like and share my video and help me reach my goal!

Watch my video here:

To enter this year’s “Best Cookie Video Contest,” just email your video, along with a brief story and your cookie goal, to Public Relations Director AnneMarie Harper at

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